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iRet Software

The EcRoFit project is developing a precision software tool for Building Energy Assessments and Retrofit Recommendations called iRet, which is easy to use, visual and accurate.  iRet will provide additional functionality to the industry-used standard assessment procedure (SAP).  The iRet software application will comprise a building simulation tool with a recommendation system, linked to a database of product and building specifications.

The iRet solution will be available free of charge to companies that participate in either the CPD course or the R&D collaborations. 

To download the iRet tool, Click Here

To download the iRet backend, Click Here

Smart Sketcher

it is a machine learning model that receives an image of the floorplan as input from the assessor and detects all rooms, windows, and doors, and then converts the 2D floorplan into a 3D model.

To download the Smart Sketcher, Click Here

Access to the iRet solution for registered users will be available from this page in due course.

The beta version is expected to go live in Spring 2023 and will be continually improved throughout the project.

Manufacturers and installers

Compare your current building assessment product with iRet, how well does it perform?