Research and Development

Using R & D to solve business issues

We offer companies the opportunity to work directly with academics and postgraduate students to address a business issue of their choice. Our academics will work with you to design a research & development project and agree a programme of activities.


How does it work?

Your research & development project needs to relate to the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings. This could relate to the production of materials, design or construction of buildings, retrofit or applying data to manage, monitor and ultimately reduce energy and resource use. It can be about any process, service or product in your company. The EcRoFit project will provide the equivalent value of 15 consultancy days in input for your business

9 steps from initial enquiry to completed project!
See below:

Fill in the enquiry form. We then contact you to assess your research needs and eligibility to participate in the project.

If you would like go ahead, submit an application form with a brief outline of your research interest.

We review your application and confirm your eligibility to participate.

We arrange an initial meeting with the relevant academic to discuss and develop your research ideas.

You jointly draft a project outline and action plan. Timings agreed on a case-by-case basis but a research & development project is typically delivered over 3-6 months.

We send you a formal collaboration contract to ensure your information is kept confidential and that liabilities are limited.

Your project commences with the support of the assigned academic and/or postgraduate student.

The academic carries out a review of progress with you at the mid-term point and at the end of the project.

After the project has been completed, we will ask you to fill in a confirmation form and provide feedback on your experience.


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