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Data Analytics for Sustainability

Calling all companies linked to the built environment, construction, property, digital and data sectors!

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What is it?

BCU offers a fully funded 12-hour course for businesses that would like to refresh existing knowledge or learn new skills in Data Analytics.

Organisations in the built environment, construction and property-related sectors need to react to ambitious targets to reduce Carbon emissions.  This affects their own way of working as much as the products or services they provide.  The need to measure, monitor and evidence such reductions makes gathering good quality data and interpreting it an essential exercise. This course gives you the opportunity to build the requisite data skills.


This course will provide an introduction to the concepts of data analytics and the use of machine learning. Led by expert trainers, you will then apply these techniques on real-life data sets.

Who is it for?

Small and medium sized enterprises, including sole traders and micro businesses, based within the area served by Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership.

– Data Professionals / Data Analysts
– Energy Performance Professionals (retrofit, new built, renewables)
– Anyone interested in understanding data analytics e.g. in a role that looks at data for analysis or monitoring purposes
– People that are responsible for driving environmental sustainability / net zero in a company and wish to generate better data and insights
– People in the construction and retrofit supply chains that need to evidence energy performance of buildings, products or services

What does it cover?

The course content covers 12 hours of online learning. You will
use real life data and case studies. The programme includes:

Introduction to Data Analytics, pipeline and exploratory analysis.

Introduction to Machine Learning, model selection and metrics.

Introduction to Deep Learning, limitations and training data.

One case study per session: (i) handling missing data and visualisations (ii) application of clustering and regression (iii) teachable machine learning and TensorFlow.

The course provides 1:1 tutorial support alongside group activity work with a hands-on data project.

Download the Course Description.

This course does not require any existing skills in data analytics. Please contact us via the enquiry form if you would like to confirm the course is right for you.


Gaining skills and knowledge that will help your company offer a better service to your customers:


  • Fully-funded training course
  • Receive a CPD certificate of achievement from BCU
  • Delivered by BCU experts who understand the latest data analysis methods and tools
  • Applied learning to help you work through tasks
  • Online course delivery
  • Use of a free web-based tool and ready-prepared data to allow you to create your own analysis

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