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Franco Cheung

Franco Cheung

Associate Professor in Quantity Surveying

School of Engineering and the Built Environment

Franco is an experienced quantity surveyor and active researcher specialising in cost modelling and forecasting techniques. His research studies have been published in leading refereed journals in construction management domain such as Building and Environment, Construction Management and Economics, and Automation in Construction.

He is currently interested in seeking funding opportunities to develop knowledge exchange mechanism and support industrial led research projects together with industrial participants from national construction companies to specialist small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  He has managed and contributed to a number of industry-led research studies including two recently completed projects funded by EPSRC and Innovate UK. Currently, he is a committee member of the West Midlands BIM Region.

Area of expertise:

  • Cost modelling;
  • Risk analysis;
  • BIM applications;
  • Value co-creation.


Franco Cheung joined Birmingham City University in 2016. Coming from a professional background as a quantity surveyor for a consultant and contractors specialising in cost planning, he developed his specialism in cost modelling and forecasting techniques through his PhD study. Franco from a professional background with experience in consulting, contracting and developing, he develops his knowledge expertise in the areas of risk analysis, building information modelling (BIM) cost management, value co-creation, and embodied energy assessment.

  • PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia (2005)
  • BSC in Quantity Surveying (Commendation), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1994)
Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Externally funded research projects(successfully completed while Franco worked at Oxford Brookes University) Future Directions of BIM (Canadian $8K Funded by George Brown College, Canada under RICS Trust Fund (10/14 – 04/15)) – A comparative study that analyses the factors shaping the development of BIM in North America, China and the UK. Franco led the UK chapter of the study. Report available: BIM-enabled Collaborative Platform for Innovative Low Impact School Procurement (£540K Funded by Innovate UK (05/13 – 04/16)) – As a co-Investigator, Franco contributes to the bid development in particular on the work package design and financial model, lead the delivery of the work package on process and product performance analysis, and manage cost reports. Project Webpage: Integrated Carbon, Waste, Time and Cost Modelling for the Design of Low Impact Buildings (£375K Funded by Innovate UK and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (02/10 – 01/12)) – As a co-investigator, Franco contributes to the bid development in particular on the cost modelling element and the financial model, manage the academic element and the overall delivery, lead the delivery of the elements regarding cost modelling and the related data structure, manage cost reports, design the dissemination activities and outputs. Project Videos: // Project Webpage:
Refereed Journal Papers:
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